Collard Greens, Vates


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I was once reprimanded by a Southerner for what I’m about to tell you… But I stand by it: Collard Greens taste better when planted as a cool-weather crop.  This Southern friend of mine demanded that I acknowledge the value of a green that can take all the Summer can dish while still tasting great and staying packed with nutrients.  And acknowledge I do.  But, the take-home is this: Collards Greens can be grown all year round and will just keep producing and producing for you until the Winter fades away and this biennial plant goes to seed.  Harvest individual leaves to keep your plants going all year.  Replant in early Fall to get a nice tender bunch of greens for your Thanksgiving feast.  It’s been a staple at our Thanksgiving meals for years now.

To Sow

  • Date: For Spring Planting: Start Indoors: March 1, Transplant April 15, For Summer and Fall Plantings: Direct Sow May 1- October 1
  • Planting Depth: ¼ in.
  • Germination Rate: 95%

To Grow

  • For Raised Beds:  Space plants 12 in. apart, leaving 18 in. between rows.
  • For Containers: Give plenty of depth for a big root ball and make sure container volume measures at least 3 gallons.

Seeds Per Pack: 100


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