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Carrot, Paris Market


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Product Description

Root crops are probably the worst vegetables to grow in containers… unless you choose the right varieties.  Some carrots can have taproots over 10 feet long.  Too boot, when carrots are grown in soil without enough root depth, they get misshapen and can change in flavor.  That’s why we’re only offering varieties that will work for city gardeners, who typically have compacted soils or are growing only in shallow containers.  We only select and offer varieties with naturally shorter root depths to ensure your tasty success.

Paris Market is a round-type carrot with a naturally shallow root system that doesn’t skimp on flavor.  Roots grow to about 1.5 in. in diameter, making for unique presentation options, or just uniform slicing for salads.  As with most carrots, Paris Market get sweeter as the weather cools, so for a Winter treat, plant seeds in August and let your carrots hang out until after the first frost.  The longer they stay in the cold ground, the sweeter they’ll be!

To Sow

  • Date: Direct Sow All Season, March 15 – Late October
  • Planting Depth: ¼ in.
  • Special Instructions: Carrots can be easily stunted on their long road down into the depths of the soil– before planting, make sure soil is well loosened and free of obstructions like rocks or sticks.
  • Germination Rate: 97%

To Grow

  • For Raised Beds: Space seeds .5 in. with rows 4-6 in. apart. After one month, thin to 2-3 in. spacing to allow plenty of room for lateral growth.
  • For Containers: Plant in a container at least 12 in. deep.  Milk crate planters work great for carrots.

Seeds Per Pack: 100


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