Limited Edition Seeds Grown by, and for, City Gardeners Since 2010

Gardening in New York isn’t easy, and not every kind of vegetable or herb will grow well in our Urban-Heat-Island-affected climate.   We strive to make growing your own food more accessible and more successful by making your starting point–your seeds–more accustomed to your conditions.

Rooftop Ready Seeds is the first seed company to offer New York City gardeners a line of locally-grown seed tailored to the unique urban climate and container planting conditions. All Rooftop Ready Seeds are open-pollinated (meaning you can save seed from your own plants and regrow next year) and grown using organic methods in several rooftop locations in and around Brooklyn–including a special seed-saving partnership with Brooklyn Grange. Each variety of seed is collected from individual plants that have proven to thrive year after year in the urban garden environment, with some varieties representing sixth-generation seeds.

Because growing space is tight in the city, our seeds are all limited edition.  When they’re gone, they’re gone until next year.

Zach Pickens bio

About the Founder, Zach Pickens

Zach Pickens is an educator, seed saver, Master Composter, and a full-time urban farmer at the Riverpark Farm at Alexandria Center. Zach has worked on an urban farm and managed youth-run farmers’ markets throughout Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. He helped PS20 in Brooklyn design and implement a curriculum for a greenhouse education program and the eventual construction of a rooftop farm. Zach started Rooftop Ready Seeds in 2010 to develop a stock of vegetable seeds that are tailored to the unique growing conditions faced by urban gardeners.



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Photos on this page by Chrissa Yee