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Product Description

A sweet, mild-flavored Japanese chile variety, this Shishito is an early bloomer, bearing edible fruit by mid July when transplanted in May.  Shishitos turn red when mature, but are usually harvested green, then sliced and fried or roasted.  You won’t get any heat from a Shishito, but you will add chile flavor with a much more appealing texture than your typical bell.

To Sow

  • Date: Start Indoors March 1-April 15, Transplant May 15-June 15
  • Planting Depth: ¼ in.
  • Special Instructions:  Make sure to keep soil temperature above 70 degrees when starting chile seeds indoors.  Keep seed starts close to a radiator or space heater or use a greenhouse heating pad.
  • Germination Rate: 82%

To Grow

  • For Raised Beds: Space plants 12 in. apart, leaving 18 in. spacing between rows.  Stagger rows to increase number of plants per bed.
  • For Containers: Plant in a deep container measuring at least 2 gallons.

Seeds Per Pack: 25


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