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A staple for Mexican, Thai, and Indian cooking, cilantro is easy to grow in containers and on windowsills.  Grow it for the leaves as is typical, or let it go to seed (as pictured) and harvest fresh Coriander.  Either way, it’s always nice to have a plant or two around the garden all season long.

To Sow

  • Date: Sow Indoors: March 1, Transplant: April 1; Direct Seed April 1- October 1
  • Planting Depth: ½ in.
  • Germination Rate: 95%

To Grow

  • For Raised Beds: Space plants 4-6 in. apart, leaving 6 in. between rows.
  • For Containers: Can be grown in a container as small as a 1-gallon container or a shallow window box, but will thrive in a deeper container with plants spaced 4-6 in.

Seeds Per Pack: 50


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