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Bees love the Borage.  Borage is a big, bushy plant with edible leaves and flowers–many many small purple/blue flowers that bees can’t get enough of.  The leaves taste like cucumber and are best picked young, before they get prickly.  The small flowers are sweet and perfect for salads or thrown in now-great-looking cocktails.

Personal favorite?  Muddle borage leaves with a little fresh mint and small amount of simple syrup, add vodka and soda, give it a good squeeze of fresh lemon, and mix in 5-6 borage flowers.  A perfectly refreshing summer garden cocktail.

To Sow

  • Date: Direct Seed April 15- June 15
  • Planting Depth: ¼”
  • Germination Rate: 88%

To Grow

  • For Raised Beds: Space plants 12” apart, leaving 12” between rows. Given the space, Borage will explode vertically and horizontally.
  • For Containers: Thrives in a deep container measuring 2 gallons or more.

Seeds Per Pack: 25


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