Here’s a few of the people and groups that have been a big help in making Rooftop Ready Seeds what it is today. We’ve worked with them, been inspired by them, received invaluable advice, and generally enjoyed them making the experience of growing in the city a better one.

Brooklyn Cooperative Bank: Local Foods and Local Economies. They go hand in hand. Brooklyn Cooperative Bank is a non-profit member-owned credit union based right here in Bushwick. We’re glad to work with BCB to fight the conventional food system and keep our money in our community.

Brooklyn Grange: Good friends since the current interest in urban agriculture was just a seedling. Brooklyn Grange is the world’s largest rooftop soil farming company, cultivating 2.5 acres of rooftop space in Brooklyn and Queens.

Bushwick Print Lab: All of our envelopes and t-shirts are hand screen printed thanks to the support of Bushwick Print Lab. BPL offers screen burning services and rents lab space for producing your own prints.

Cabezon Design Group: The site of one of our first rooftop seed gardens and a great group of folks. Kurt and Tanya Lebeck own and operate CDG, doing custom metal and wood design work in their Fort Greene, Brooklyn workshop.

City Growers: Gotta teach the children. City Growers is dedicated to connecting urban communities with agriculture, food, and environment through farm education and advocacy in order to foster a culture of health and sustainability.

Earth Matter: We’ve learned a lot about building healthy soils and the realities of our waste stream from these folks. They are dedicated to the ‘art of composting’ and couldn’t make it look easier.

Eric Collins at Oobust.com: Our seed packs and website art were designed by Eric Collins, an incredible Brooklyn-based illustrator and artist that took special interest in working on a project focused on improving the urban environment.

Hudson Valley Seed Library: Ken and Doug at HVSL were a big help in teaching us some ins and outs of seed saving and are equally dedicated to genetic diversity, community, and better food through better seeds.

Madiba Restaurant: The rooftop garden that started it all. Founded as an homage to Nelson Mandela, Madiba brings the spirit and soul of South Africa to Fort Greene, Brooklyn. The Amandla Garden was similarly founded in honor of Mandela and his experiences gardening on the roof of Pollsmoor prison, where he grew vegetables for the guards and prisoners alike. Inspiring man and a great community space to serve as homage.

PS 20 and PS 20 Farms: A great school garden program started and run by some truly dedicated parents. PS 20 Farms teaches PS 20 elementary students about nutrition, environment, and science through growing food right on the grounds of the school.

Riverpark Restaurant: Exquisite dining, great views, and New York’s largest mobile urban farm, Riverpark Farm. Zach’s main gig and source of support and the occasional repurposed Pierless fish tub.

Rose Red and Lavender: In 2011 Kimberly Sevilla and Rose Red and Lavender went out on a limb and agreed to be the first garden store to sell our seeds. They even threw us some starter seed stock for a coulpe of varieties we offer today! Rose Red and Lavender specializes in “Flowers, Plants, and Beautiful Things” and does so with a view towards helping city gardeners acquire the tools they need to make their gardens thrive.

Weeksville Heritage Center: Situated on the location of a Free and Intentional Black community from the 1800s, Weeksville Heritage Center exists to preserve the traditions of self-sufficiency and the legacy of the African American and Carribean communities in Brooklyn. They also run an urban farm, farmer’s market and seed library, to which Rooftop Ready Seeds has donated some starter stock.